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Hi, my name is Charleen. 


I studied photography at New York University. For 10 years, I edited works of amazing photojournalists. Together we covered stories ranging from New York City’s high society to women's lives in Afghanistan to presidential campaigns. These photographers inspired me with their courage, humanity and unrelenting pursuit of their art.


After working with these incredible talents, I took time off from photography to have a family. I have a wonderful husband and two vivacious young boys. My family knows what it is like to have someone always taking pictures of them - capturing every moment of their lives. They support my decision to turn my lens onto other people's families and lives. I hope one day I can share my passion with you and capture special moments of you and your family. 


Fun facts about me:

Love to take pictures of clouds

Love to travel and try new restaurants

Love to look for treasures on the beach

Love to hike with my family

Love 80's Euro Pop and Jazz Music


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